Egg Drop Corn Soup & Variations

Easy recipe for chicken and corn soup and some variations. Basic Recipe: Ingredients: 1 can of whole corn kernels (14.75 oz) 1 can of cream style corn (14.75 oz) 4 oz raw shredded chicken 14.75 oz chicken broth 2 eggs Directions: Pour the 2 cans of corn into a sauce pan. If you are using… Read More Egg Drop Corn Soup & Variations


Seasoning Cast Iron and a Carbon Steel

Wow! your frying pans <cast iron> and wok <carbon steel> are so well seasoned! How do you do that? I keep scrubbing the seasoning off of my mine. My response varies from flippant to more serious. Just use them! Stop scrubbing so hard! Take them camping. Read the Serious Eats blog: Kenji Lopez-Alt… Read More Seasoning Cast Iron and a Carbon Steel