Links to Fermented and Preserved Foods

Chinese bacon – 臘肉 This is really good!

Kimchee Recipe I didn’t add as much red pepper flakes and I used sha cha sauce (Chinese BBQ sauce, which is some sort of fish paste or sauce) instead of the brined shrimp and fish sauce because I didn’t have any.

Brined Duck Eggs 鹹蛋

Osmanthus Syrup 3/17/19 – Made some. Letting it age.

Pao Cai 泡菜

Ginger syrup & Candied Ginger

Chinese Sausage 香腸
This is really yummy.

Jiuniang – Fermented Sticky Rice Info

Corned Beef
This is really amazing. I substituted maple sugar for brown sugar, because that is all I had in the house.

I haven’t tried these yet.
Different Kimchi Recipes

Drunken Crab