Sober Reflections

Things I’m finding increasingly disturbing about this world we live in. There are people I absolutely KNOW that if they see ME being assaulted will leap to my defense and probably beat the crap out of my attacker. OTOH, they refuse to acknowledge the systemic racism of our system that would make that defense necessary.… Read More Sober Reflections


Seasoning Cast Iron and a Carbon Steel

Wow! your frying pans <cast iron> and wok <carbon steel> are so well seasoned! How do you do that? I keep scrubbing the seasoning off of my mine. My response varies from flippant to more serious. Just use them! Stop scrubbing so hard! Take them camping. Read the Serious Eats blog: Kenji Lopez-Alt… Read More Seasoning Cast Iron and a Carbon Steel

Recipe “Research”

In case people are wondering how I decide which recipes to try or how I kludge things together… Well I usually start by searching google. For Chinese stuff, I look first and see if any of my “usual” websites have the recipe. They are: The Woks of Life Carolyn Phillips Serious Eats Use Real Butter… Read More Recipe “Research”

Links for Preserved Foods

Chinese bacon – 臘肉 This is really good! Kimchee Recipe I didn’t add as much red pepper flakes and I used sha cha sauce (Chinese BBQ sauce, which is some sort of fish paste or sauce) instead of the brined shrimp and fish sauce because I didn’t have any. Brined Duck Eggs… Read More Links for Preserved Foods